Lines That Should Land Me a Job on “Bluff City Law”

This piece appeared in The Daily Memphian here: Lines That Should Land Me a Job on “Bluff City Law”.

The premier of NBC’s “Bluff City Law,” a courtroom drama set and filmed in Memphis, has brought an energy with it to the city. There is a certain excitement and pride that comes with living, working and raising families in the setting of a television show produced by a major network. It has brought camera crews, directors, producers, writers and actors to our town, and the town has given them a huge, warm welcome.

As an aspiring writer myself, I saw this as an opportunity to present lines I have written that will work in various contexts and dramatic situations for “Bluff City Law.” I have seen my share of city-specific TV dramas, and I know that the first, most important rule is to slip local phrases, landmarks, traditions, etc., into the regular dialogue seamlessly — a skill I believe I have mastered.

I’ve written these lines of dialogue for Memphis’ newest claim to fame, “Bluff City Law.” Join me in counting down the hours before NBC comes calling.

“Looks like she did bluff.”

“By the time we’re done, you’ll be the one singing the blues.”

“I suggest you hop on the Isaac Hayes Memorial Highway, and never come back!”

“This isn’t what I expected when you said ‘lineup.’ ” (Spoken while watching The Peabody ducks march.)

“If he’s not careful, he’ll end up like a Gus’s chicken leg: Fried.”

“Order! Order! One more outburst and I will have you removed from this courtroom faster than Tony Parker from Restaurant Iris!”

“You see over there? That’s Arkansas.”

“Hashtag Memphis.”

“You’ve got the grit. I’ll teach you the grind.”

“Hattie B’s? I thought that was in Nashville.”

“This city’s got soul. The question is, do you?”