The Shocking Results of Our Most Recent Independent Studies (Sponsored by Coca-Cola)

This piece originally appeared in The Weekly Humorist here: The Shocking Results of Our Most Recent Independent Studies (Sponsored by Coca-Cola)

Pepsi greatly increases the risk of obesity in teens

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High levels of Pepsi intake in children leads to a 61% greater chance of diabetes in adulthood

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Pepsi contains three times more cancer-causing ingredients than other sodas

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Moderate Pepsi consumption leads to Early Onset Dementia

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Pepsi causes fatal levels of diarrhea in mice

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If we do not eliminate Pepsi within the next decade the earth will become uninhabitable by 2035

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Most regular Pepsi drinkers felt nothing at the beginning of Up!

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Teens who prefer Pepsi are unpopular, bad at sports, and will marry ugly people

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88% of Pepsi drinkers cannot tell time

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Pepsi supported the South African Apartheid and never officially reversed their position

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Pepsi was the official soda of the Ku Klux Klan from its inception

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The religious leaders of the day celebrated with Pepsi when Jesus was crucified

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