All the New Reasons Why Members of the Press Can be Banned from the White House

This piece originally appeared on Robot Butt here: All the New Reasons Why Members of the Press Can be Banned from the White House

Historically low approval ratings

Using children’s insurance as a bargaining chip

Using racism advantageously

A cameo in Home Alone 2

Multiple bankruptcies

Not draining the swamp at all

Actually making the swamp swampier

Sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing Ivana Trump

Insulting POWs

Insulting Gold Star families

Making fun of handicapped people

Bad hair


Inheriting millions of dollars from a parent and pretending they earned it

Caging children

Being a reality TV host and developing a stupid catchphrase

Weird infatuation with a daughter

Too many spray tans

Rolling back Obama-era protections for Tennessee walking horses

Collusion with a foreign government


Association with Sheriff David Clarke

Totally ignoring the First Amendment

Siding with Nazis

Doctoring a video to hurt the reputation of a celebrated reporter and then using that video as an excuse to ban him from the White House

Gaining the undying support of American evangelicals by appealing to their unquenchable desire for political power

Having A LOT of affairs

Hiring Steve Bannon

Hiring Stephen Miller

Destroying the foundations of democracy just to get back at Barack Obama for embarrassing them on television