The 15 Best Nicknames in NFL History That Were Inspired by Sylvia Plath

This piece originally appeared on Robot Butt here:The 15 Best Nicknames in NFL History That Were Inspired by Sylvia Plath

Dan “The Bell Jar” Schonhoff – Wide receiver, New York Giants

Barry “Rabbit’s Cry” Anderson – Middle linebacker, New England Patriots

Frank “Puny, Green, and Tart” Szydlowski – Punter, Cleveland Browns

Louis “Oval Soul-Animals” Cramer – Cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers

Carlton “The Snowman on the Moor” McIntyre – Kicker, Houston Oilers

Chester “The Dormant Seeds of Seasons” O’Bryan – Tight end, Miami Dolphins

Terry “The Ravaged Face” Tompkins – Left guard, San Francisco 49ers

Luke “The Pool in Which Images Should Be Grand and Classical” Massey – Running back, Washington Redskins

Johnny “The Toad Guarding His Heart’s Droplet” Harrison – Running back, Baltimore Colts

Tommy “Poppies in July” Cox – Fullback, Dallas Cowboys

Brett “The Final Grotesque Joke of Death” Taylor – Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings

Lowell “Sheep in Fog” Peterson – Strong safety, Oakland Raiders

Benji “Eva Descending the Stair” Seymour – Defensive tackle, Detroit Lions

Theodore “The Bird Who Wakes with Darkness and Till Dawn Works Hard Vampiring Dry of Milk Each Great Goat Udder” Evanston, Jr. – Center, Cincinnati Bengals

Freddie “Virgin in a Tree” Miner – Outside linebacker, St. Louis Rams