Anthony Scaramucci’s 5 Favorite Buzzfeed Quizzes

This piece originally appeared on here: Anthony Scaramucci’s 5 Favorite Buzzfeed Quizzes

After Mooch’s Twitter poll about the Holocaust, we checked his Buzzfeed history. Here are his favorites.

Which Man From Anne Frank’s Diary Would You Go Home With?

Van Daan? Otto? Peter? After a night out, who would you go home with?

How Hitler are You?

Everybody’s a little Hitler. Find out how much Hitler you are.

Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

This quiz is one “Yes or No” question.

How Long Would You Survive in the Death Camps?

Find out how long you would survive based on how you respond to photographs of different landscapes.

Which Friends Character are You?

I bet you’re Joey, you idiot.