When is it Appropriate to Respond with D-Generation X’s “Suck it” Move?

This piece originally appeared on Robot Butt here: When is it Appropriate to Respond with D-Generation X’s “Suck it” Move?

Please answer YES or NO:

Is it appropriate to respond with D-Generation X’s “suck it” movewhen…

1. Your boss asks you to work late?
2. The Cracker Barrel store is out of moon pies?
3. Dora asks you to repeat something in Spanish?
4. Your grandmother asks you to help her get Christmas trees out of her attic?
5. Someone cuts you off in traffic?
6. Someone cuts you off in the lunch line?
7. Someone cuts you off in line for communion?
8. Your favorite contestant gets kicked off of Project Runway?
9. The UPS guy leaves a package on your porch?
10. Your dog greets you at the door?
11. The band decides to break up?
12. The band signs a record deal?
13. The band keeps playing frat parties?
14. You start a new business?
15. The hostess at TGI Friday’s says your table is ready?
16. You show up late for a funeral?
17. You meet George Clinton?
18. You finish reading Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Jr.?
19. You successfully perform your own vasectomy?
20. D-Generation X tells you to “suck it”?
21. Someone pops your shoulder back into socket?
22. You are diagnosed with strep throat?
23. Timberlake retweets you?
24. Coffee’s ready?
25. Jumping off the diving board at a public pool?

Answer key: YES to all