10 More Claims Bill O’Reilly Has Made About Slaves

This piece originally appeared on Robot Butt here: 10 More Claims Bill O’Reilly Has Made About Slaves

Last week, Bill O’Reilly made the news by attempting to clarify First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments about slaves building the White House by saying the slaves were “housed” and “well-fed.” This was not the first time O’Reilly spoke out on the topic of slavery, however. Here are some of his previous claims:

1. “Most slaves lived in lavish penthouse apartments a short walk from where they worked.”

2. “Upon abolition, every slave was promised a new pair of Air Jordans but few ever received them.”

3. “American slavery is a myth.”

4. “The American Civil War was actually fought because both the North and South found slavery deplorable but disagreed on how best to abolish it.”

5. “Male slaves were given top hats and monocles to make them feel fancy.”

6. “Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup is named after the famous slave Hattie Earlene Butterworth, who invented the maple tree.”

7. “By law, slaves were offered permanent freedom at the end of each work week.”

8. “The reason slaves sang so many spirituals was to lift the spirits of their masters, who felt really, really bad for owning slaves.”

9. “Slaves invented football.”

10. “My slaves are treated very well.”